Vigeland Sculpture Park (Photographer: Gunvor Bay)
Vigeland Sculpture Park (Photographer: Gunvor Bay)

Oslo/Restaurants in the area

Oslo, the capital city of Norway, is a vibrant and culturally rich destination. Close to the rink you find many restuarants:

Oslo, the capital city of Norway, is a vibrant and culturally rich destination that offers a unique blend of natural beauty, historical landmarks, and modern attractions. Nestled along the shores of the Oslo Fjord, this cosmopolitan city seamlessly combines urban sophistication with the tranquility of nature.

Visitors to Oslo are greeted by a range of iconic sights. The Viking Ship Museum houses remarkably preserved Viking vessels, offering a glimpse into Norway's seafaring past. The Munch Museum is a tribute to the world-renowned artist Edvard Munch, displaying an extensive collection of his works, including the iconic painting "The Scream."

Nature enthusiasts will be captivated by the numerous parks and green spaces scattered throughout the city. Vigeland Park, adorned with over 200 striking sculptures by Gustav Vigeland, is a testament to human emotion and connection. 

The Oslo Opera House, with its unique architecture and panoramic views from the roof, is another must-see attraction.

For those seeking cultural immersion, Oslo's culinary scene is a delightful surprise. From traditional Norwegian delicacies like salmon and reindeer to a diverse range of international cuisines, the city caters to every palate. The Aker Brygge waterfront district is a hub of restaurants, shops, and entertainment venues, making it a popular gathering spot.

Moreover, Oslo is a city that prides itself on sustainability and eco-friendliness. Its efficient public transportation system, including trams, buses, and ferries, makes it easy to explore the city and its surrounding areas. The city's commitment to green spaces and clean energy is evident in its many parks and the futuristic Barcode District.

In summary, Oslo is a captivating destination that seamlessly blends history, nature, and modernity. Its rich cultural offerings, stunning natural landscapes, and commitment to sustainability make it a must-visit city for any traveler looking to experience the best of Norway.


There are many restaurants and cafes close to the ice rink. Here are some recommendations. 

Sonja Henie Ice Rink has a nice and warm indoor cafe with seating, and where you have a great view into the rink. The cafe offers cold and hot drinks and various small dishes and snacks. 

The nearest place to buy a coffee is Kaffebrenneriet in Middelthuns gate 15a - just a couple of minutes walk for the rink. Of course we also have black coffee in the Sonja Henie cafe at the rink, but if you prefer a Cafe Latte or similar, Kaffebrenneriet is the place to go. 

There is a beautiful cafe in the middle of Vigelandsparken, called Anne på landet. The cafe is situated by the bridge in the main part of the park. Only a few minutes walk from the ice rink. Be sure to visit the park during the stay in Oslo.

Restaurants close to the Sonja Henie Ice Rink: 

Frenchie in Middelthuns gate 17 is a new restaurant where you get French classics with a modern twist. 3-5 mins walk.

Piazza Italia in Frognerveien 58 welcomes everyone to an authentic Italian culinary experience, and the dishes are based on old, traditional recipes, with most of them originating from the Rome region. 

Tatakii Asian in Middelthuns gate 25 is an Asian restaurant which draw inspiration from both Japanese and Chinese cuisine. 

Il Bolognese in Middelthuns gate 25a is a small, charming Italian delicatessen shop which also has a serving of delicious Italian pasta dishes, sandwiches and Italian wines. 

Lofotstua in Kirkeveien 40 is a casual fish restaurant which serves seasonal specialities from the North of Norway. Seafood takes center stage on the menu, with everything prepared in true Lofoten style. 

Kverneriet i Kirkeveien 64b is a great burger restaurant. They serve delicious handcrafted burgers and fries, and also a variety of other dishes that suits all tastes. 

Ghost Pizza in Kirkeveien 51 is a cool and urban pizza restaurant. 3 min walk


There are many restaurants in the area of Majorstuen. The main shopping and dining street close to the Ice Rink is called Bogstadveien. Here you will find shops, restaurants, cafees and supermarkets.

Close to the hotels there will be numerous restaurants.


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